DJ Chris Diablo

DJ Chris Diablo has dedicated himself for over 18 years to the entertainment industry and to his artform. Beginning in 1992, Chris got his start playing warehouse parties and raves with numerous different crews and promoters in Colorado until 1997, when he lost his long-time best friend and fellow music collaborator. After his friend’s passing, Chris sent himself on a quest for the next level in music. He decided to take his show to Las Vegas, and spent the next 5 years working with promoters and DJ’s in some of Las Vegas’ top clubs including RA at the Luxor, Club Utopia, Spearmint Rhino Afterhours, The Drink, and S.R.O. to name a few.

In 2002, Chris returned to Colorado ready to show off his new-found experience, redefined skills, and the ability to DJ to any crowd regardless of their preference in music, the size of event, the group’s age, race or nationality. DJ Chris Diablo began focusing on the production side of music, learning how to re-mix and produce mash-ups, which has allowed him to put his experience, music knowledge, and enormous music collection to good use.

DJ Chris Diablo is a very rare type of DJ/Artist to find in this day and age because of his versatility and range. Most DJ’s have confined themselves to one particular genre of music such as Trance, House, etc., and only play that particular type of music, regardless of what the crowd may like. DJ Chris Diablo is unique because his love for all music is easily showcased by his ability to incorporate every genre by layering, sampling & looping them all into a seamless masterpiece that not only in unbelievable but also unforgettable.

Currently, DJ Chris Diablo serves as the Resident DJ for The Thirsty Parrot in Colorado Springs, DJ Chris Diablo has DJ for Red Bull USA for some of there events, McGoon Productions, THC Music Festival, South Park Music Tour, and Spun Monkey Records. Looking into the future, DJ Chris Diablo Owns one of Southern Colorado’s first independent record label, “Spun Monkey Records.” Spun Monkey Records plans to carry a large roster of many different artists, consisting of bands, DJ’s, and musicians playing all types of music. While Spun Monkey Records is still in its’ infancy, the potential for the label is unlimited, proving Spun Monkey Records, as well as it’s creator DJ Chris Diablo are definately worthy of your interest and attention this upcoming year.

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